Custom Tailored Workshops

Whether you are new to photography or a seasoned pro looking for a guide or to learn a new technique, here's how I can help:

Novice photographers

  • Buying equipment
  • Learning your camera and lenses
  • Photography terms/jargon
  • Physics of photography
  • Guided photo/hiking trips

Intermediate Photographers

  • Post-processing techniques (levels/color correction/curves)
  • Photo bracketing
  • Creative lighting techniques
  • Guided photo/hiking trips

Advanced Photographers

  • Night photography
  • Advanced post-processing techniques (luminosity masks/layers/image stacking/stitching)
  • Panoramic photography techniques
  • Macro photography techniques
  • Time-lapse photography techniques
  • Guided photo/hiking trips

Send an email or call me at 567.825.1984 for a free consultation.