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Alpenglow on the La Sal MountainsFresh Snow at Delicate Arch [Explore 2013-12-10]Snowy Delicate Arch Sunset - WideDelicate Arch and AlpenglowA Snowy Three Gossips, Tower of Babel, and the OrganTurret Arch and La SalsTurret Arch and La Sals PanoramaTaking in the Balanced Rock SunsetCold SilhouettesArch Icefall PortraitArch Icefall LandscapeStormy La SalsFresh Snow in Devils GardenPine Tree ArchSnowy Fins and CanyonsRiley Creek Winter SceneC-Camp in the WinterSelf-Portrait at -35ºFWinter Delight - Denali SunriseSundog at -20ºF