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Campsite at LandmannalaugarRiverbar at LandmannalaugarSunset hike at LandmannalaugarCorrie hikes to our dinner spot in LandmannalaugarHorseback ride through the river at LandmannalaugarCorrie hikes back to camp in LandmannalaugarCorrie hikes back to camp in Landmannalaugar (2)Water house at LandmannalaugarMorning views in LandmannalaugarCorrie starts out on the Laugavegur Trail from LandmannalaugarCorrie at LandmannalaugarSassy Corrie at LandmannalaugarColorful hills at LandmannalaugarLaugavegur sign #1Corrie on the trail near LandmannalaugarHiking to the first thermal areas along the Laugavegur TrailThermals along the Laugavegur TrailLaugavegur sign #2Colorful formations along Laugavegur TrailCorrie hikes out of the valley from Landmannalaugar