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Backcountry Beers at Hidden Lake (Wide)Backcountry Beers at Hidden LakeBackcountry Beers and Kayak Toast at Hidden LakeBackcountry Beers and Kayak at Hidden LakeForrest on Reynolds Climbing RouteReynolds Climbing Route Near Dragons TailSeth Scree Skiing On ReynoldsDan Scee Skiing On ReynoldsLauren Scree Skiing On ReynoldsDan and Seth Coming Down ReynoldsLauren, Seth, and Dan Climbing Down the Crux of ReynoldsDan on the Reynolds Summit ApproachReynolds Summit View PanoramaHidden Lake From Reynolds SummitLauren and Seth Coming off Reynolds SummitDan Walking on Reynolds SummitReynolds SummitSeth Walking on the Reynolds SummitGroup Shot on ReynoldsUpslope Summit Soda