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Amy at Delicate ArchSelf Portrait - Delicate Arch at Night [Explored 4-15-13]Walking in the DarkHovenweep Castle at Night PortraitHovenweep Castle at Night LandscapeHovenweep Castle at Night Landscape (2)Heaven and HellMilky Way Through Turret ArchPathway to the Milky WayNorth Window Milky WayPainted Double Arch with Hazy Milky WayMorefield Residence and Milky WayMesa Verde Milky WayPoint Lookout and Milky WayBalcony House Star TrailsGlowing Kivas in Blacony HouseMilky Way With Sky GlowMilky Way from Windows Parking LotMilky Way and Turret Arch (Wide)Milky Way and Turret Arch