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Swiftcurrent Lookout From the AirFlinsch Peak in Two MedicineGolden LayersIpasha Peak and Ahern GlacierGrinnell Glacier, The Garden Wall, and Heavens Peak in the DistanceLittle Dog and Summit Mountain PortraitLittle Dog and Summit MountainLogan Pass area at SunriseLogan, Pumpelly, Blakfoot, and Harrison GlaciersLooking Down on Grinnell GlacierMount Brown and Sperry GlacierMount Brown and Mount Brown Fire LookoutMount Gould and GlaciersMount Jackson and Harrison GlacierMount Jackson and Jackson GlacierMount Merritt and Old Sun GlacierMount Reynolds and Logan Pass AreaMount St. Nicholas (2)Mount St. Nicholas and Coal CreekMount St. Nicholas